I commonly see many people using this phrase –

“Everybody has their own perspective and people should respect other people’s perspectives”.

Below are the possibilities to look at the above statement.

1) Someone who is matured and is not attached to his/her own perspective will be able to understand( In majority of the scenarios) whether the other person is operating from a limited perception( based on their past experiences) or is operating from a holistic perception( Seeing the reality as it is).

This person wants to help the other people develop holistic perception, but does not want to force it on anyone.

When this person respects other people’s opinion ( doesn’t mean agrees with the perception), it simply means that he doesn’t want to get into argument/conflict. He/she clearly sees that the other person is attached to his/her own perspective and doesn’t want to understand how does attachment to a particular perspective is harming him/her.

2) Someone who is attached to his/her own perspective and feels bad when someone questions their perspective.

They also mostly unable to respect other people’s opinion because they are not aware towards the working of mind. They are unable to understand how perspectives are formed and makes us miserable. They may easily get into an argument as they feel they are being attacked personally.

3) There are others as well who understands perceptions to a little extent but have not deeply understood themselves.

Many times, they are unable to understand whether the other person’s perception is limited or holistic.

They are attached to some of their perceptions as well.

They keep on respecting other people’s opinion as they don’t understand how does it harm the other person. Also they like to remain with their own perception which may be harming them as they don’t like some of their perceptions being challenged.

This way of respecting other people’s opinion is quite harmful. The person has to challenge his/her perceptions
continuously in order to become mature.

Let’s understand ourselves deeply and become matured in order to really respect other people’s opinion so that we don’t harm ourselves or anyone else.

What do you think about this?

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