vishal Gupta relationship and spiritual coach

About SochKholo Foundation

SOCHKHOLO FOUNDATION is a registered NGO(section 8 company). It was registered on 6th September,2021.

The organization has been founded with the sole purpose of conducting offline and online sessions to understand “SELF” and solve all the life’s challenges at the root level.

The organization solely runs on donations from generous participants. If a participant benefits  from the sessions and wishes the work to reach other people as well, he/she can donate any amount after the completion of sessions.

The organization has got 80G certification. Participants can get tax exemption on donations to the Foundation.

About Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta is the founder of Sochkholo Foundation and works as a Leadership, Relationship, and Spiritual Coach. He has worked with organizations like Infosys and Tata Consultancy services (TCS) for almost 9 years.

In the early phase of his married and professional life, he faced a period of turbulent times and underwent severe emotional pain. However as he was determined to live a happy and fulfilling life, he started looking for the real cause behind this problem. This eagerness to transform his life and relationship helped him identify the solutions he could never find before.

His Spiritual Journey started with Vipassana Meditation. After practicing Vipassana meditation, he figured out that the only solution to all the life’s challenges is to understand  self deeply. He started understanding the working of mind deeply in order to make work, relationships and other aspects of life effective.

He got stuck at some point in this journey and was unable to proceed further. Then he started listening to different people in order to have a deeper understanding of life. He got immensely benefited by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Acharya Prashant and Hasnain Waris. After having a deeper understanding, he was able to go deeper into Vipassana practice.

After finding answers to his challenges, he is living a happy, peaceful and fulfilling life, and has resolved to dedicate this second inning of his life towards helping people to come out of  leadership challenges, relationships challenges, work related challenges and other emotional challenges. He majorly focuses on understanding life in depth to overcome any  challenges in life. With learning from his personal experiences, he has devised systems which offers solution to common life challenges faced by people, and can help transform their life issues completely, in due course of time.

In May 2017 he resigned from the IT industry, and now works as a Leadership Coach, Relationship Coach, Trainer and Speaker.