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Become Joyful Parents

It is extremely difficult to create a strong bond with your child until you don’t understand yourself. Through understanding yourself in depth, it is possible to understand that almost all the parenting challenges pertain to lack of understanding of mind.
Decluttering of mind is extremely essential in order to solve your parenting related challenges.
Become Joyful Parents is all about transforming your relationship with your child by understanding yourself.

Below topics are covered in the session

  1. Create strong bond with the child
  2. Tackle behavioral issues
  3. Improve concentration/Focus in studies
  4. Manage screen time
  5. Understand Teenagers mindset
  6. Understand how emotions arises
  7. Understand the actual needs of the child
  8. Understand the importance of environment at home
  9. Teach child how to become emotionally empowered
  10. Change your mindset to transform your relationship with child