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Pre marriage coaching

Pre marriage coaching helps an individual to enter into marriage with a prepared mindset. The person becomes aware of the majority of issues that may creep in after marriage. Also the root cause behind majority of the issues becomes clear before even the marriage. Hence an individual is prepared to deal with these issues and can enjoy a happy married life.

Below topics are covered

  1. Understand what marriage is all about?
  2. Understand marital challenges beforehand
  3. Understand the right reason to enter into marriage
  4. Have a prepared mindset before entering into marriage
  5. Understand your own mindset, perceptions and beliefs
  6. Understand how emotions work
  7. Learn how to understand other people’s mindset
  8. Understand Mind-body connection to balance your emotions
  9. Impact of perception on thinking, feeling and behavior
  10. Importance of trust and factors that affect trust
  11. Importance of communication and how it gets affected