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Munira Soni

Brilliant concept, well spread over 7 days. Really life changing and practical way of surviving in today’s world. Highly recommend. Thank you

Tripti Sakhuja

The workshop was really wonderful making me realise how important it is to see deep and observe thoughts , patterns and beliefs.Really recommend this workshop.

Rajendra Sah

Life-changing programme. I feel lucky that I came to know about this programme. I explored lots of new dimensions of life, found the real purpose of life and many more. Thank you Vishal Gupta jee for this gift.

Khadija Moochala

I attended decode your highest potential a 7 day workshop. This workshop was a beautiful journey within that helped reveal the authentic meaning of life – an inspiration to soulful living. Thank you very much for helping me begin my journey within.

Shilpa Anand

Vishal has in depth knowledge about the subject. He is very patient while listening to your issues being stated. After listening all the issues he gives his expert advise that where you can make amendments to resolve the issues being faced. He gives his feedback honestly without being biased. His advise and counseling has helped …

Mandeep Kaur

Vishal has got deep understanding of his subject and life. He delves into your situation deeply and then design strategy as per your receptiveness. He honestly mirrors you where you are truly stuck, so that you can go beyond barriers and give forth your life a new perspective or meaning. I highly recommend him.


I have been consulting with him since long ago, he has vast knowledge in his subject and his way to explain things is also great, I have solved many of my life problems by discussing with him, so it`s very good to meet him for your life issues, I can surely say you will not …

Sinjini Chakrabarty

It was a wonderful interactive session regarding marriage and various issues associated with it. It was a detailed, interactive and in-depth session conducted by Vishal Sir. The perspectives shared in this session was completely out of the box. Being a part of it makes me feel enriched personally as well as professionally. I would definitely …

Shweta Sanghavi

Highly recommend you the multiple courses are taken by Vishal sir .. I enjoyed my 7 days course . It’s way way different than any others courses available in today’s market .. it helps you to understand ur deeper conscience and know urself in much realistic way .. helps you in understanding the real meaning …

Sahil Soni

I loved the session taken by Vishal Sir, he has been a blessing. There is so much that we go through without even knowing it. Why is this happening? Why are we doing what we are doing. Vishal sir helps us in getting so much clarity in our head about every aspect of our lives. …